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Welcome to Bokum Tool Company, Inc.

Founded in 1937 by Fried W. Heuser, Bokum Tool designs and manufactures Automatic Recessing Tool Holders and specialty cutting tools for the metal cutting industry.

Bokum prides itself on tackling the most difficult jobs. We have earned recognition as manufacturer of the finest Automatic Recessing Heads and cutting tools available anywhere in the world.

We offer an extensive background in precision boring and recessing. Our standard cutting tool line, along with our engineering services, set us apart from all others. Let our staff take your part or part print and develop a solution based on your needs.

Our Automatic Recessing Heads and Tools combine to eliminate costly interpolation.

Bokum! Nothing less.

  • Automatic Recessing Heads.
    • 26 Models available to work with your custom or standard machine application. ID and OD grooving and Multiple Tooth configurations. These Recess Tool Holders actuate off part, or bushing plate.
    • 3 Models available for use on Multiple Spindle Screw Machines. Featuring Draw-Bar actuation for machines with 7/16" to 5 1/2" capacity.
  • Special Form Cutting Tools. Made with Premium HSS, Micro-Grain Carbide or Carbide Insert. Bokum offers unique geometry which provides longer tool life and superior finish.
  • Recessing(Grooving). Premium HSS, Carbide Tipped, or Carbide Insert. Over 300 sizes stocked.
  • Boring Minimum Bore Dia. 1/16". Premium HSS, Carbide Tipped or Solid Carbide design. Over 2700 sizes stocked.
  • Threading Tools. Premium HSS and Carbide Tipped.

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